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Ecobat Sustainability

Our everyday lives depend on power, and the generation of this is high on the public’s agenda.

There are, however, times where demand for power is lower, and this is where energy storage comes in. A sustainable future revolves around being able to store the energy created/captured to use when it is needed – this is the basis of battery technology. 

Batteries only have a defined lifetime, which is where Ecobat can also provide support.

To ensure the sustainability of the resources that go into the batteries, we are one of the world’s largest recyclers of batteries, with operations centred around sustainable processes and safe practices. We can recycle over 96% of each battery.

Ecobat is proud to say that we supply the key resources that our global energy supply requires and continue to develop new and more efficient ways to support the energy generation and storage sectors.

We have a closed-loop recycling system that supplies lead and reduces the environmental footprint of the metal. We maximise the return from recycled batteries to increase the value for our customers and enable greater sustainability.

In addition to recycling lead acid batteries, Ecobat has one of the first Lithium recycling plants, allowing us to recycle this new generation of batteries, safely and efficiently.

Recycling - A Generational Legacy

Lead acid batteries are over 96% recyclable, and there is a chance that some of the lead in your battery may have even been mined in Roman times! Lead recycling is the critical way that we can meet the ever-increasing demand for energy availability, globally. Lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product on earth – 80% of the lead Ecobat produces comes from recycling.

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Lithium Recycling

Lithium is a relatively new battery element, proving to be light-weight, fast charging and resilient to lower discharge levels. It is, however, more volatile than the traditional Lead Acid batteries and involves more specialist handling and recycling. Ecobat has developed industry leading recycling facilities for Lithium to reduce the environmental impact of these Lithium compound batteries and recover the constituents safely.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are growing popluarity and their Lithium power cells require more specialised handling. Our sister company - Ecobat Solutions - has developed transport solutions to recover the huge batteries, and can evaluate, repair and/or recycle these batteries safely and efficiently.

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Environmental Statement

Ecobat’s environmental policy is very simple, really. We believe that recycling and providing top-quality energy storage solutions can help preserve our natural resources.


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