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Quality, durability, and performance sum up the NUMAX range of batteries. NUMAX batteries are built to the very highest specification to cope with today’s automotive electrical demands.

With three tiers, the NUMAX automotive range now has a battery to suit every application and all budgets whilst providing premium quality and value.

Ecobat Battery introduced its NUMAX brand in 2002 and over the last two decades the brand has become a significant player within the automotive sector, as well as establishing itself as the UK’s premier range of leisure and marine batteries.

The NUMAX range is a complete range for automotive applications, intended to meet all types of start-up or cycling applications, including part numbers that some larger manufacturers have long since dropped – ideal for classic and vintage vehicles.

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Numax Car

NUMAX batteries are designed to cope with today’s automotive electrical demands at an attractive price for the average motorist. That’s why people trust the NUMAX battery brand to give them the performance they need no matter how harsh the conditions. The NUMAX AGM & EFB battery ranges feature even higher cyclic stability and recharge faster than conventional lead-acid batteries.

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Commercial Vehicles

The NUMAX range of heavy-duty Premium HGV batteries are built to the highest specifications, so they are reliable, durable, and able to withstand the gruelling workload placed on them by modern day trucks and other commercial vehicles at work. The NUMAX Silver Premium Commercial Batteries range covers all types of car, trucks, HGVs, and commercial vehicles such as tractors, JCBs and other agricultural machinery.

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Leisure batteries are not simple “black boxes” stuck in the corner of an engine bay. The design and materials used play a decisive role when determining the life span and durability of the cells. The NUMAX Leisure range has a battery for every application and use. The NUMAX LV range is the starter range for pure auxiliary leisure power and the NUMAX XV range is a dual purpose starting/auxiliary deep cycle battery.

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Whilst extensively the NUMAX leisure batteries with a couple of extra models added specifically for marine applications, these batteries are built to last in the harsh marine environment. The distinctive blue labelling of the NUMAX Marine MV batteries immediately marks these batteries out as a specialty battery.

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NUMAX motorcycle batteries offer great performance at a budget price. Once again, the range is vast covering almost every size of bike battery ever made. Each NUMAX motorcycle battery comes complete, either with an acid pack or factory sealed.

Mobility scooter controls


NUMAX produce a wide range of SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, many of which are ideally suited to mobility applications, golf, and standby/alarm systems.



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