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Aerial Platform Batteries

We have the right battery for every aerial work platform.

We can offer the right battery for every type: from lifts, scissor lifts, mast lifts, spider lifts, telescopic booms, and articulated arm lifts to all electrically driven telehandlers.

Trojan T-125 battery

Trojan Batteries and Aerial Platforms

Most aerial platforms all use Trojan batteries. These American premium batteries are among the leading deep-cycle batteries on the market. They have unique technologies that enable them to deliver reliable, sustainable and above all constant energy. As the main Distributor in Europe, we always have a large stock of Trojan batteries.

Are you looking for a Trojan T105, L16Gh-AC, T875, 27TMX or T1275? Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote! Of course, we also help you with all other batteries. Discover our wide range of block batteries and battery chargers.

Men working on a platform

Trojan types (most commonly used)

T105 EHPT, T105 ELPT, T105 EAPT, T125 ELPT, T145 EHPT, TE35 AP, J305Gh-AC UT, J305P-AC DT, J305HG-AC UT, L16Gh-AC UT, L16P-AC DT, T875 ELPT, 24TMX UT, 27TMX AP, 27TMX WNT, 27TMH AP, 30XHS AP, T1275 ELPT, J150 EHPT, J185P-AC DT

Brands of aerial platforms

JLG, Manitou, Genie, Haulotte, Niftylift, Skyjack, Magni, Snorkel, Aichi, Airo, Almacrawler, ATN, Bravi, CMC, Comet, CTE, Denka, Lift, Dingli, Dino Lift, Easy Lift, Euro Access, Fronteq, GMG, Grove, HAB, Hangcha, Hematec, Hitachi, Holland-Lift, Hubtex, IMER, Isoli, Iteco, Iveco, JCB, LGMG, Liftlux, Marklift, MEC, Multitel-Pagliero, OMME Lift, Palazzani, Palfinger, Palfinger, PB, Basket Platform, Royal, Ruthmann, Sequani, Sinoboom, Skyack, Socage Terex Aerials, Teupen, Upright, Weidemann, ...



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