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Battery Accessories

Ecobat Battery are a supplier of some of the most respected, best quality brands in the industry and in some cases are the sole European distributors for these brands.

Our knowledge base and expertise enables us to source and supply top quality batteries, chargers and other battery equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Battery Brands

Ecobat Battery supplies batteries from top brands such as TAB Batteries, Sonnenschein Blocs, Lucas Batteries and US Batteries. These are all highly respected and top quality manufacturers so you can be assured that you will be getting the best battery for your application.

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Battery Chargers

If you are using any kind of battery powered equipment, you will also need a battery charger to recharge the battery when required. Ecobat Battery stocks a wide range of battery chargers from leading manufacturers, including Fronius Chargers, Vertu and SPE Chargers and we are the sole UK distributor of SPE chargers in the UK. We also supply CTEK Chargers and Jump Starters.

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Other Battery Equipment and Support

When your warehouse operations become larger and more complex, you may need to have spare batteries to keep your equipment running over multiple shifts. These will need to be handled and stored carefully, and Ecobat Battery offers you a complete solution with our Safechange range of products.

We can also help you to optimise your space for charging, maintaining, storing and handling your batteries. We have an experienced team who will ensure that all relevant Health and Safety requirements are met and accompanied by the necessary documentation if required.

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Delta-Q charger on a Land Rover

FULLlife Support

We also provide FULLlife Support Packages, providing excellent support tailored to your specific applications. A FULLlife Support Package will alleviate the need for you to top up and look after your batteries yourself as this is all done for you.

Our range of batteries, battery chargers and other battery equipment is sourced from only the highest quality manufacturers. As we offer a wide variety of brands, we are in an excellent position to provide you with the very best solution for your needs, without being tied to a particular brand. This also allows us to offer you the most cost-effective solution for your requirements.

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Tailored Solutions

Because we are impartial suppliers of a wide range of leading battery, battery charger and other battery equipment manufacturers, we can tailor a complete solution for you that is perfectly suited to your specific requirements. We will always ensure that we offer you the most cost effective solution for your needs.

For instance, if you are considering switching your fleet to Fronius chargers, you can get in touch with us to arrange a bespoke assessment of your fleet and find out what savings on your running costs could be made by switching.

As the sole UK distributor of SPE charger products, only Ecobat Battery can supply you with their HF charging systems. You can calculate the savings that can be made by switching from traditional to HF charging systems by using the SPE app.


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