Sonnenschein is a global brand renowned for its technical know-how in the field of industrial gel batteries for traction applications. With an experience of over 120 years in the manufacture of batteries and huge experience in the development of Dryfit® gel technology, Sonnenschein has succeeded in significantly increasing the cycling durability of gel batteries (450 and 700 cycles at 70% discharge).

Leading Technology

Dryfit technology consists of closed-system batteries in which the electrolyte is fixed in a gel. This means that no maintenance whatsoever is required throughout the entire service life of the battery. The special advantage of the Sonnenschein dryfit battery lies in the batteries’ suitability for extreme operating conditions and the highest demands on reliability.

  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Non-hazardous
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Low self-discharge
  • Extremely low gassing
  • Clean and environmentally friendly

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