Expert Advice, Quick To Support

The great strength of Ecobat lies in the advice and our breakdown or maintenance service on site. We do much more than just supply our batteries, accumulators, and chargers. This way you can always count on the right advice.

In today’s competitive business environment, you need to ensure you maximise your vehicle up time and Ecobat can help by keeping your electric vehicles and chargers running with minimal cost.

In the event of breakdowns due to a defective battery, we quickly arrive on site throughout Europe*. In addition, we have a very well-equipped workshop where we can carry out all repairs. You can also count on our expertise for maintenance contracts. We operate across Europe, maintaining batteries and chargers for all types of electric motive power applications.

It is a well-known fact that a correctly maintained battery and charger will last longer and work more efficiently. However, in today’s environment, with the increased pressure on staff, this factor is often over-looked.

* By agreement outside of the countries we are present in.


As well as selling an outstanding range of battery products and services, Ecobat Battery also offers rental packages for batteries and chargers, making it easy to have the market leading products. Whether your requirements are short term or for longer periods, our Ecobat Battery FULLlife® packages allows you to experience the benefits of our products even if you don’t have the capital budget to invest in buying them initially.

Battery watering

Industrial Services

We offer a variety of vital services such as battery electrolyte monitoring, cleaning and watering where Ecobat Battery will keep your installation at peak efficiency. With increasing pressure on staff resources and a lack of skilled manpower, Ecobat Battery fully understands that it is often difficult for customers to find the personnel to maintain their batteries properly, so let us take the pressure off your operations.


Ecobat Battery is committed to its role as a battery recycler. As the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead (1 million tonnes of secondary and lead production in EU, US and Southern Africa) Ecobat Battery is currently the only global company offering a closed recycling loop for lead-acid batteries.

Container of old batteries for recycling


To enquire about our services, contact the Ecobat Battery servicing team.