S.P.E. Chargers

S.P.E. Chargers

S.P.E. Elettronica Industriale are a leading supplier of battery chargers and Ecobat are proud to be the sole distributors for the United Kingdom.

S.P.E. manufactures chargers for all types of batteries, but are especially highly regarded for their development of high frequency (HF) charging technology in the 1990s. They continue to develop their product range in this area today and now also have an app that allows you to calculate the savings that you can make by switching from a conventional to an HF charging system.

SPE Chargers

All their products are planned, manufactured and packed in Italy with specialised and advanced technologies. Already manufacturing around 200,000 chargers annually, S.P.E. are currently extending their production facilities to enable them to increase production even further. Their products are exported all over the world.

S.P.E. is family owned and managed Italian company that was established by Sergio Poletti in 1975 near Bologna. The business is now managed by Serio Poletti’s son, Alessandro. They now have over forty five years of experience and are highly regarded for the quality and innovation that has made them a leader in the field of electronic battery charging.

The company offer charging systems for a variety of applications, including forklifts, access platforms and floor care equipment as well as automotive applications. They manufacture on-board and stand-alone SMART battery chargers for wet and gel traction batteries, both traditional and HF and with a fully programmable charging process. They provide both standard and custom battery charging solutions.

All S.P.E. battery chargers have CE certification.

We carry extensive stock of industrial chargers to enable you to keep your equipment charged up quickly and efficiently.

 Why Choose S.P.E Battery Chargers?

  • P.E. is a leader in HF battery charging technology
  • Significant savings can be made by using HF battery chargers when compared with traditional chargers
  • On-board or standalone SMART battery chargers
  • Fully programmable charging process
  • Standard and custom battery charging solutions
  • CE certification

CBHF and CBHD Ranges

These are a high frequency range available in a variety of configurations for floor care equipment and access platforms. The CBHF 1 and CBHF2 ranges are onboard chargers that are completely microprocessor control and can be configured for use with lead-acid batteries, gel batteries and AGM battery types. Some models are available with 110v inputs for on site use.

They are lightweight and compact as well as being customisable to individual requirements.

Green Range

Green 2, Green 4 and Green 6 are a new range of high frequency chargers from SPE. These are more compact than previous models and the Green 2 and Green 4 ranges can be wall mounted. They are available in single phase as well as three phase variants (contingent on output selected) and in a range of specifications suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The Green range provides even greater savings on electricity costs due to the improved efficiency.

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To enquire about SPE Range products and our complete range of offerings, contact the Ecobat Battery product support team.