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Ecobat lead smelter

Sustainable Recycling

Circular recycling loop

The Ultimate Recyclable Material

Lead acid batteries are 99% recyclable, and there is a chance that some of the lead in your battery may have even been mined in Roman times! Lead recycling is the critical way that we can meet the ever-increasing demand for energy availability, globally. Lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product on earth – 80% of the lead Ecobat produces comes from recycling. 

Batteries boxed ready for recycling

Closed Loop Recycling Systems

Ecobat’s closed-loop recycling system means that we manage the recycling process - end-to end – from collection, to recycling and finally the production of the metal alloys, recycled plastic pellets and components from the sulphur. This then goes into the distribution and servicing of new batteries, which is where the battery division comes in.

The process begins with the collection of old batteries for recycling, using Ecobat Logistics. This service is also used by other manufacturers/vendors in the marketplace and delivers the waste materials to our recycling facilities.

We also have a similar service for Lithium batteries, including transportation boxes for the batteries of Electric Vehicles (EV). Lithium is a new and hazardous material, so collection, scrapping and recycling is a specialised task.

Smelting Factory

The core elements of the recycled batteries are recovered and refined, with over 80% returned to battery manufacturing.

Aside from the lead production and recycling, Ecobat manages the reclamation and recycling of the plastics – polypropylene that is used in the premium polymer products.

In addition to the obvious recycled products, our comprehensive production process also extracts precious metals from the waste products – these elements include bismuth, copper, gold, platinum, silver, and tin.

Ecobat has 65,000 battery collection points handling over 120 million used batteries each year. These batteries are taken to our recycling points in our 12 secondary smelting plants. So, if you are looking to be as green as possible, then partner with Ecobat – one of the world’s largest recyclers of batteries.


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