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Introducing VARTA Batteries

By choosing VARTA® automotive batteries, powered by Clarios, you can be assured of reliable precision technology that delivers best-in-class manufacturing quality. Did you know, that almost all VARTA® batteries are classed as original spare parts? That’s one of the reasons why 8 out of 10 newly manufactured vehicles with start-stop systems equipped with AGM are fitted with VARTA®.

Today, you’ll find VARTA® products in millions of cars, powerboats, motorcycles, and motorhomes. The expertise and precision they have gained over the years go into every VARTA® battery. VARTA® batteries provide longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership, qualities you’ll find in all our products from our advanced start-stop automotive range to our professional powerboat products. When you choose VARTA®, you go for reliable precision technology that delivers best-in-class manufacturing quality.

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VARTA Automotive

Whether you’re driving your very first car, a family vehicle, a car with start-stop functionality, or a highly equipped vehicle with higher energy demands, we will guide you to the right VARTA® batteries for your car.

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VARTA Commercial Vehicles

A lot has changed in the commercial vehicle sector: legislation that sets stricter emissions standards, the number of nights spent in vehicles, more comfort equipment, and the number of additional electrical consumers e.g., parking cooler/heater. With the advanced VARTA® commercial vehicle batteries you are well-prepared for all changes – and ready to lower your TCO.


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