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Solara Solar Systems

Solara Solar Systems

Solara Solar Systems

Solara’s solar panels, components and photovoltaic systems are primarily being used in places where there is no reliable electricity grid: remote geographical locations; at sea; technological equipment; traffic control and telecommunications systems. Solara’s stand-alone solutions are also used in caravans, RVs, boats and yachts to generate mobile electricity.

Solara’s stand-alone systems are designed to work flawlessly in a wide range of climate conditions. They are robust and can be used flexibly, and they generate the maximum electricity yields even in unfavourable light conditions.

To ensure the quality and performance capabilities of the Solara product range, all solar panels and mounting systems are manufactured in Germany. Every solar panel is tested and certified according to stringent quality standards and ISO requirements. Every completed solar panel is furthermore calibrated according to the international STC protocol and assigned a unique serial number.

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To enquire about Solara Solar Range products and our complete range of offerings, contact the Ecobat Battery product support team.