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Alarm System Batteries

Alarm Batteries

Our alarm batteries are compatible with most brands, including ADT, Daitem, Honeywell, Pyronix, Scatronic, Veritas, Visonic and Yale.

Batteries for Alarm Systems

In general alarm systems use batteries in two parts of the system if it’s a wired alarm, and three parts if it’s a wireless alarm:

  • Alarm panel battery: this is the battery that powers the main alarm system and is the most important battery in your alarm.
  • Alarm bell-box battery: if you have a live ‘sounder’ outside your property, this will have a ‘backup battery’.
  • Alarm sensor battery: if you have wireless sensors, each sensor will have a battery which will need to change every 18 to 24 months

With the ‘traditional’ (i.e. not new ‘smart’ alarms), there is a high likelihood that the system uses a 12v battery – probably a 2.1aH, 3.4aH or 7aH. The alarm batteries in the panel act as a vital backup in case there is a loss of mains power. If fully charged and in working order, a panel battery can keep your alarm working for up to 12 hours without mains power. An Alarm Panel battery should last about four to five years with normal usage patterns.

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