Ecobat Battery

Ecobat Battery

Ecobat's own, high quality product range.

Ecobat has put its own name to some high-quality products to provide customers with a choice of brands and functionalities. These products are carefully selected to provide you the energy charging and storage options for the applications you need.

Ecobat Battery

Ecobat Battery is Europe's largest distributor of batteries and energy storage accessories, and as such we speak to our global customers and suppliers, looking to extend the choice and fill the gaps in energy storage solutions. Ecobat has an expertise that extends far beyond the supply of batteries - the company is one of the world's largest recyclers of batteries, supplying many of our own suppliers with the materials they use to make new batteries.

Select an Application

Ecobat has launched a number of batteries for select applications. Select one of the applications below to view Ecobat's range of products.


To enquire about the Ecobat Battery products and our complete range of offerings, contact the Ecobat Battery product support team.