Aviation is not just limited to aircraft, where there is a need for very specific battery technology, but for many years, Ecobat Battery has been working closely with our customers and airport authorities to provide the highest levels of products and service for all Aviation Ground Support Equipment. With our knowledge, philosophy, and customer care we can provide a comprehensive range of highly efficient products that help keep airports running.

Aeroplane with ground support at airport

Maintenance & Repair for Ground Handling Batteries

Ecobat Battery has fully qualified airside passed engineers which enables us to offer same-day response to keep the utilisation of Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to a maximum.

With a wide variety of vehicles using traction batteries and chargers in airports, the correct specification is critical to making sure the duty cycle can be completed. Make sure every avenue is investigated for size, amp hour and technology.

Ecobat Battery can offer the entire product range with short-term and long-term rental options.

Aircraft ground hookup

Ground Handling Batteries & Chargers

With experienced engineers and all the necessary passes and permits for airside work, we can respond quickly and with a first-time fix rate of 96%, we intend to retain our position among the best service providers in this sector.

We can also help you reduce your carbon footprint by providing low-cost, highly efficient products. Our high-frequency electric tug battery chargers draw less current, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill. One of our team will be more than happy to discuss our service solutions to come up with the right option for you alongside offering advice on the right batteries and chargers for your airside vehicles.

Light Aircraft Solutions

Light aircraft generally use Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) or lead-acid batteries – the latter are often vented (VRLA), though we are seeing more Lithium Ion coming into aviation due to their lightweight and higher voltage performance. We will see more of a move to this as more electric and hybrid aircraft take to the skies.

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