Ecobat Battery is committed to its role as a battery recycler.

As the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead (1 million tonnes of secondary and lead production in EU, US and Southern Africa) Ecobat Battery is currently the only global company offering a closed recycling loop for lead-acid batteries.

Ecobat employs more than 3,500 skilled employees worldwide. The company operates from 29 manufacturing sites in Europe, the United States and South Africa, together with a number of depots and other distribution outlets with annual revenues of greater than US$3 Billion.

Our production facilities use the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure high quality, efficient and environmentally responsible products which are renowned for their consistency. 

Dallaston battery recycling plant

Battery Recycling in Europe

The European Battery Regulations committee set targets for the the recycling of batteries. These targets define the amount of useful material that must be recovered from each tonne of batteries sent to a plant for recycling. We at Ecobat Battery work closely with other recycling partners to ensure that the most efficient processes are used.

Two of the industry’s most advanced and respected battery collection systems operate in Germany and the UK. Both are part of the Ecobat group and ensure the professional collection, transportation, and storage of used batteries, before forwarding the batteries for recycling at the Ecobat recycling plants.

We can handle batteries used in applications ranging from major stand-by batteries to the smallest button cells.

The logistic sites and the lead smelters of Ecobat in the UK and Europe enable a truly European-wide and highly efficient collection system for used batteries – to the benefit of the environment and for the companies who contribute.

Our Lead Recycling Procedure

Lead is extracted from a multitude of materials, including scrap lead. Some of the lead comes from off-cuts and waste from the manufacturing process. Once extracted, the scrap lead is heated in kettles at 450°C. At this temperature, the lead melts and any impurities rise to the surface. The impurities are removed and sent off for further processing. The final part of the process is to refine the lead to achieve a lead alloy of 99.9% purity.

Ecobat Logistics Collection by Ecobat

Ecobat Logistics Battery

Ecobat Logistics is committed to playing a leading role in the economic recycling of used batteries. Currently, we can recycle about 95% of a scrap battery for reuse. All Ecobat production and recycling sites are environmentally certified and have implemented a comprehensive health protection and safety programme.

The controlled and closed recycling loop of Ecobat Logistics is unique. It gives our customers the security to cooperate with an environmentally and socially responsible partner for the disposal of critical materials.

Benefit in your corporate communication from the positive perception of a responsible and environmentally friendly disposal – as a member of the Ecobat Logistics system you will be provided with information material for your customers.


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