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Ecobat’s environmental policy is very simple, really. We believe that recycling and providing top-quality energy storage solutions can help preserve our natural resources.

We are committed to protecting our environment, reducing our impact by improving our operational efficiency by lowering our energy consumption; reducing emissions from our operations – including carbon dioxide; minimising our water consumption and generating as little waste as possible.

Environmental and Sustainablity

Ecobat Battery supports the sustainablity goals in increasing the recovery of waste lead acid batteries. To meet our objective of the closed loop life cycle of batteries, we include the service of waste recovery of redundant batteries to all of our customers.

Battery Producer and WEEE Compliance

Ecobat Battery recognises its obligations under the Battery Producer Regulations and Waste Electrical and Electronic Regulations (WEEE), as such we have a partnership with Valpack Compliance Scheme to meet the compliance requirments for takeback and reporting for battery producer including portable batteries, WEEE and packaging waste. 

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