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The Ecobat Group

The Ecobat Group

Powering Tomorrow, Starting Today

Ecobat is a world leader in the production of lead, lead alloys, and the recycling of lead batteries. Our vast network features 11 smelters across two continents with an average annual output of 840,000 tons of lead. Our production is matched by our lead recycling system which allows us to recover and repurpose over 99% of the metal.

We also offer premium services such as in-depth consultancy on lead and metallurgy with the help of our industry experts. Ecobat actively supports the lead industry with value-added research in major initiatives to continue driving the sector to a greener, more sustainable future.

With the addition of three lithium-focused facilities, we have enhanced this commitment to sustainability by expanding our capabilities to include lithium battery collection, discharge and diagnostics, dismantling, crushing/sorting and recycling management, taking a responsible and technologically advanced approach just as we do with lead.


Four Divisions With A Common Purpose

From the recycling and production of lead used in energy storage solutions to the collection of end-of-life batteries and the distribution of new batteries, we play an essential role in the closed-loop supply chain. We apply the same mindset and approach to lithium batteries, as we continue to anticipate and embrace this evolving technology.

Ecobat Resources

Ecobat Resources is the leader in the responsible recycling and production of resources essential to modern life. Backed by an international network of smelters, we are the world’s largest producer of lead and lead alloys used in energy storage solutions and a range of other industrial and commercial applications.

Alongside our lead production and recycling operations, Ecobat Resources also manages the reclamation of polypropylene used in the development of premium polymer solutions, precious metals and other commodities.

Ecobat Logistics

Ecobat Logistics manages the collection of end-of-life batteries as part of our commitment to supporting the closed-loop management and recycling of energy storage solutions.

We provide collection services for the markets in which we operate through our 11 secondary smelting facilities, a collection truck fleet, and 65,000 battery collection points, offering seamless service for battery collection and recycling in Europe. In addition to lead batteries, we also manage the collection and handling of other battery chemistries, including lithium batteries.

Ecobat Solutions

Ecobat Solutions leverages our international group network and extensive technical experience to bring innovative products and solutions to market. We conduct technical queries, assist in the development of bespoke products based on specific application requirements, and provide consultation services that help customers implement more environmentally responsible solutions.

We also work to drive advancement within our company and industry as part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, including the development of technologies and processes for recycling and resource recovery for Lithium-ion and other battery chemistries.

We are the only European provider of collection, discharge and diagnostics, dismantling and crushing/sorting capabilities to derive black mass. We also support research and partner with universities, trade organisations, and government entities to develop safer, more efficient energy storage solutions.



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