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EcoFlow PowerOcean DC-Fit

A PV-coupled retrofit battery solution like no other

Directly connect batteries with existing solar panels

Setting up an EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit is exceptionally easy compared to the conventional AC-coupled or DC-coupled systems. We directly connect the batteries to your current solar system on the PV side, without installing an additional storage inverter, or replacing the current solar inverter.

This efficient approach saves installation time and boosts the efficiency of your existing solar system.

PV coupling solution v.s. other solutions

  PV Coupling DC Coupling AC Coupling
Batteries directly connect with solar panels
No additional storage inverter
No replacement of the existing solar inverter
No change on the AC wiring
No on-grid permit

The unique PV-coupling technology

Connecting battery storage with solar panels

No storage inverter is needed

Seamlessly adding battery storage to your existing solar system without installing an additional storage inverter.

No need to replace the existing solar inverter

Investing less to store more solar power.


Wide compatibility with most solar inverters

Utilising EcoFlow's cutting-edge self-adaptive control algorithm, the PowerOcean DC Fit retrofit battery storage solution smartly mitigates the risk of oscillation between the PV-coupled battery system and the third-party solar inverter, with up to 15kW PV input bypass power per string.


No on-grid permit required

Saving weeks of waiting time for on-grid permit application*

No need to change the AC wires

Significantly reducing installation time

Wiring-free stack-up design

Stack-up design with click-on battery terminals

* Notification of the change to the power provider is suggested. Regulations may vary in different regions.


Industrial-grade LiFePO4 batteries

15 years of daily use until hitting 70% of the battery's original capacity! Offering 6,000 life cycles* and superior safety.

Fire proof

With our active fire protection module integrated into the system, you can rest easily knowing your home is protected in case of emergency.

One safety guard for every battery

Each battery has its own integrated BMS module, preventing any malfunctions from affecting the rest.

Auto-heating for winter proof

No matter if it's freezing cold or pouring with rain, it's always ready to perform.

EcoFlow App

Say goodbye to high energy bills

Let EcoFlow App be your personal energy housekeeper, tracking your realtime and historical savings and helping you achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Smart monitoring on EcoFlow App/Web Portal

The EcoFlow App provides a clean and user-friendly interface for users to view real-time energy data, including power generation, storage and energy bill savings, to help better manage their home energy.

For installers: EcoFlow Pro App/Web Portal

Ultra-fast 3-step commissioning process

Comprehensive map view of authorised systems

Easy troubleshooting

Know the error code in details


Contact us for more information about the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC-Fit.