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PylonTech US Series

PylonTech US Series

PylonTech Energy Storage Solutions

PylonTech is the globally renowned, industry leading name in Energy Storage Systems. Combining all their knowledge and experience with Lithium LFP technology is the acclaimed US Series. This comprises three model sizes that can be combined to build the system you require. These rackable units provide the perfect answer, whatever your ESS System demands.





Nominal Voltage (Vdc) 48 48 48
Nominal Capacity(kWh) 2.4 3.55 4.8
Usable Capacity(kWh) 2.28 3.37 4.56
Dimension(mm) 442*410*89 442*410*132 442*420*161
Weight(kg) 22.5 32 39.7

Why choose Pylontech?


Multi-protection from self developed BMS.

Optimal Electricity Cost

Long cycle life and superior performance.

Compact Size & Easy installation

Module design help for quick installation

Easy to Scale Up

Be workable to be parallel based on 48V.


Compatible with Tier 1 inverter brands.

Residential BESS

Save costs and save the planet, with PylonTech battery storage solutions.

Benefits from Peak Shaving

Energy demand is highest in the mornings and evenings. Store the electricity during the low-peak times and use the energy at peak-time. This saves you money and keeps you independent from the grid.

VPP Revenue

VPP creates a network of renewable energy sources and battery storage systems, connected through a cloud-based technology. Managing the stability of clean electricity to maximise your revenue.

This will enable a reduction in costs and boost the system’s efficiency.





  729.6V148Ah 729.6V148Ah 1113.6V148Ah
Battery System Capacity(kWh) 107.98 107.98 164.81
Battery System Voltage(Vdc) 729.6 729.6 1113.6
System Voltage Range(Vdc) 615.6-820.8 615.6~820.8 939.6~1252.8
Efficiency 96% 96% 96%
Depth of Discharge 90% 90% 90%
Dimension (W*D*H, mm)
803*855*2130 800*855*2130 1185*855*2130
Weight (Kg) 1228 1228 1798


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